The Absolute Best Hunting & Travel Destination In South Texas

If you are a first time Texas Hunter or an annual visitor there is no better place to hunt than with Texas Outfitters Ltd. We offer hunts in South Texas for Trophy Whitetail, Dove, Quail, Spring Turkey, Hogs & Predators.

Trophy Whitetail Hunts 

We offer hunts for bucks that gross score up to 200+ B&C. We are 100% opportunity on our deer as it is not uncommon to see 30-40 bucks per day or a total of 150-200 deer per day. The hunting on our ranch is that good. For first time hunters, our guarantee is as follows: If you do not pull the trigger you can come back and hunt for free. No other outfitter in the State of Texas will offer that guarantee. We take pride in our hunts and think we offer the best hunt package in Texas. We have over 30,000 acres and harvest only 1 Whitetail buck per 600 acres, ensuring everyone an opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail buck year after year.

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One final note: All of the money we collect goes 100% into our product. Some of you know this is not my primary business, and as such I do not need to earn a living with our hunts. Do your research and compare. No one offers what I do from the quality of our staff, vehicles and facilities to the opportunities of harvesting Superior Game.


Bird Hunts

We hunt dove and quail on our personal ranch just 50 minutes from San Antonio. In addition to superior South Texas natural habitat, this ranch features over 250 acres of farmland under pivot irrigation system, large tanks, and food plots that offer absolutely the best in Texas bird hunting for dove and quail.

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Spring Turkey Hunts

Spring Turkey Hunts are a lot of fun and can be hunted many ways. We are 100% on our Spring Turkey Hunts, and offer several types of hunt packages to satisfy your needs.

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Hog & Predator Hunts

South Texas is famous for its hog and predators. We offer some of the best hunting for hogs, javelina, coyote, fox, bobcat, racoon and other varmints. Enjoy a weekend of predator hunting with family and friends - it's a great way to enjoy the off season.

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