Exotics Hunt

Monster Axis Deer Hunt!

"The biggest free ranging Axis I have ever seen" - Craig Boddington, Fall 2005

Hunt the Outback Ranch for monster trophy Axis during the peak of the rut May 25 thru June 15. This is truly a premiere hunt, we shot a 37" Axis in the fall of 2005 and have seen a significant amount of trophy animals growing and in velvet including some non-typicals in December and January. The ranch is a beautiful 12,000 acre low fence ranch in Rocksprings that is covered up in free ranging Axis deer. You will be staying in a new fully furnished and air-conditioned home on the ranch. This is a no frills hunt which will include food, lodging, guide, and trophy preparation. Each hunt will be a 4 day hunt for one Trophy Axis Deer. There are also blackbuck antelope on the ranch that can be hunted on a trophy fee basis while on your axis deer hunt. All inclusive Axis Hunt price with no trophy fees: $2950

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Exotics Hunts Trophy Fees

The following is a list of the exotics that are available to hunt on a beautiful ranch that is 15 minutes from the DropTine Ranch. If you are on a paid hunt at DropTine for deer, birds or hogs a reduced daily rate is available for hunting these exotics.

Lodging: Private Bedroom with DirecTV, Daily Maid Service, Open Bar, Guide and Trophy Preparation: $350 per Day

The daily rate includes the use of all the amenities available at the DropTine Ranch which include the following: Heated Pool & Jacuzzi, Gym, Skeet Shooting, Horseback Riding, Fishing on 5 lakes & ponds, Trophy Room with pool table, dartboard, laser shot and other arcade games, card tables and 70" HDTV. Daily Maid Service, Private Bedroom with DirecTV and Open Bar.

Guests: $125 per day
Historical Tour of San Antonio day Trip: Visit Museums, the Alamo and lunch on the Riverwalk $250. Each additional person $75 includes admissions, beverages and lunch. Day spa treatments can be arranged for an additional fee.


Axis - $2300 Eland - $3300
Aoudad - $2250 Eld's Deer - $9000
Addax - $5500 Gemsbok - $4300
Blackbuck - $1350 Kudu - $6500
Fallow - $2250 Lechwe - $4100
Elk 6x6 - $4000 & Up Nilgai - $2250
White Elk - $6500 Scimitar Oryx - $3250
Corsican - $950 Pere David's - $4800
Desert Paint - $1000 Sambar - $5700
Jacobs 4-Horn - $1350 Sika - $2250
Merino - $850 Tahr - $3100
Black Hawaiian - $1000 Waterbuck - $3100
Catalina Ram - $950 Water Buffalo - $2400 & Up
Texas Dall - $1000 Wildebeest - $3900
Mouflon - $2000 Zebra - $3500
Red Stag - $3500 & Up Dama Gazelle - $4300
Barasingha - $3800 Bison - $4000
If there is an animal you would like to hunt that is not on this list please let us know and we will see if it is available on another ranch close-by. Prices subject to change without notice and based on availability other charges may apply.

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